Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Going offshore tomorrow

Not sure if I will be able to update this while I am offshore, so if you do not see anything for a while, don't worry.
I have now received a CB radio I bought from Ebay, it cost me £26, I will be fitting it in the car. It was a hobby I used to enjoy and one I will enjoy again.
I have also re applied for my ham radio licence, I applied about  a week ago and hope to have the license for when I get back in two weeks. I am keeping my fingers crossed they give me my old call sign, but I am not holding my breath.
To this end, I have also bought a 2m/70cm hand held from ebay, for £32, and although it is cheap as chips, I have high hopes of this puppy!
There is also a heap of other odds and sods I have bought as well, SWR meters, wave meters, log books, a hand book on the current license conditions etc etc. I am going to get back in to this hobby as well
The third book is progresing well, I am a quarter through it, I was a lot further through it, but I did some editing. If you ever want to write a book, just do it, it is so much fun! My first book was awful, my second book a little better, my third book is not bad at all. I have learnt so much, to be honest, I have learnt stuff I did not know that I did not know! By my 10th book, I should be quite good at it!
The car was a bugger to start this morning, I took it over to the garage to get a quote for a service. £250 for the service, not bad. £382 for a new cam belt. It was done 2 years ago, but I will get it done sometime this year as it has been recomended due to the mileage.
There is now all the paint I need to restart my oil painting piled up in my bed room, so now I am just looking for somewhere to do the actual painting. My ducks are in a row, I just need to start shooting them,
Tomorrow I go back to the ship, I will be on board until the 7th, then I have a HSE training course to attend, which will take 4 days, then a Personal Professional Development Assessment with one of the Directors (should be a good chance to get on some more courses), then I have my dental and hypnotist appointments. Busy 2 weeks ahead.

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