Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Gastric Band

OK, yesterday, weighed myself. 113.5kg - adjusted, I took of 1kg for clothing. I have started on the Gastric Band treatment, I have three more sessions to take. I now have to keep a food diary and so where better to do it than here. I still keep a chocy bar in the car, and a fruit and fibre bar, so if anyone sees them they are there because I am a diabetic, they are not snaking items.
This morning I had poached egg on toast and a slice of toast covered in Marmite. For lunch I am having sweet and sour pork (thanks mum, nice move!), it is home made and was prepared yesterday. I have had a couple of cups of coffee and a sugar free soft drink, which I had in the car when I was over at the gym getting brochures.
The book sales have slowed down to a dribble again, but that is to be expected. I have almost finished the cat book and I am now doing my OCD thing going over the chapters. After the mistake I made with the first book, I am being a bit more carefull these days. I have re uploaded "Down but not out" with the original script that was meant to be uploaded in the first place. I am thinking about doing a rewrite, but then why, yes it has mistakes, but that is how the book is. So, I will look at it after I have uploaded the cat book. If anyone thinks stongly enough about it, comment me.
I have returned the accoustic and electric guitar again, and they are now back in tune. I have a little Roland Micro Cube practise amp and that is brilliant, I love all the effects. I am hoping to be able to go on a camping trip in a couple of months and I will take the amp and a set of batteries and see what it is like on full tilt. I hope my fellow campers don't brain me!

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