Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Dentist, Hypnotherapist, books

OK, It took me 4 and half years to get on an NHS dentist list, and when my appointment came round, he fell over and dislocated his ankle! So, I wait again...
I missed my hypnotherapist appointment because I got the time wrong, what an idiot.
I went to the post office (spar) to buy my dad a pasty, when I got home I found a non delivery ticket on the table, so had to walk all the back again.
But, I have had 78 Bin Laden Lives and 86 down but not out's downloaded in the US, 38 down but not outs and 22 Bin Laden LIves in the UK, 1 bin laden lives in Germany and 1 down but not out in Italy, this week. Add that to the 10 down but not outs I sold last month and I am not doing to bad at this authoring!
I am pleased.

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