Friday, 6 November 2015

Starting work again

Back in June I was made redundant and have since been looking for work. While I was in Germany with my lady at the end of September I received a phone call that I have been selected for a job at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Harwell Oxfordshire.
I am, of course, delighted with this, it means I get to work with high power RF and big high volt, high amp power supplies. It also means I have to leave my home in sunny Scotland, and move down to Oxfordshire.
When I was made redundant from Fugro, I was paid the statutory minimum so I have been living off my savings. I walked out of the building after 4 years with £2800 (approx) and have had the sum total of 5 days work over the summer period working for a grain sampling company.
While I was working for Fugro I was living in a lovely little town, about 12 miles north of Aberdeen called Ellon. Obviously with out a job and a regular income, I could not maintain the payments on the rented house in Ellon, so I moved out of my nice little man cave and moved in with my girlfriend, who lives in the village of Boddam. Boddam is close to the town of Peterhead and about 30 miles north of Aberdeen. We now live in a small fishermans cottage and pretty much have a nice life here (other than the fact I have been unemployed).
My lady is buying the house on a mortgage, so I have been contributing to the cost of the house in equal measure to her, which has been eating into my savings quite dramatically.
In 2 weeks time, on 14th November 2015, we will get married in Gretna Green. The following week, on Monday 23rd November 2015 I will move down to Oxford to start work.
Obviously this is not an ideal situation for two newly weds, so she has applied to the Lab for a job as well. This means, that early next year, we will both be living down in Oxfordshire (assuming she gets the job, which I am fairly confident of).
We are going to rent out the house, and this means that first we have to fix all the little minor faults the place has. We have put up with them, basically because it is our house, someone comming in probably won't accept them. So, I am in the process of doing lots of little jobs in the house and will continue to do so right up until I head south.
I am back up for Christmas and anticipate lots of DIY when I am back!