Monday, 27 February 2012

Sunday to Monday

OK first things first, food diary!
Sunday breakfast was bread and butter as I did not get home very early as I was baby sitting for my daughter, lunch was a pork roast with mash, cabbage, gravy and apple, sadly I was not allowed any crackling (life is just SO unfair!), and last night I had a chese and tomato sandwich which I ate in my car while I experiemented on my radio up near doddington. I have now mapped out all the local repeaters that I have found and confirmed which I can access etc. I have written down how I want to program it up and sadly left that over at my daughers! I will go and get it tomorrow. Silly boy.
This morning I had a bacon and tomato sandwich for breakfast, with a touch of mustard and a splash of tomato sauce replacing the butter. I see it as swings and roundabouts.
I have found a way to down load all the text messages from my phone, so I will be copying them all later today for use in a forthcoming book about me & my lady. We meet 2 days before my birthday in 2004 and have been dating ever since. Sadly neither of us have the text messages from the start of our relationship, me because my phone was very cheap and only retained the last 20 messages, but she wrote them all down in a journel, which sadly was stolen when she was working at the Al Suwadi Hotel in Oman.
However, I have everything from 2007 onwards, sad OCD person that I am. I have been copying them by hand, but I now know how to copy them automatically, so that is the way forward. I am also digging through all my emails so that we have as complete a record of those as well. The finaly section will be on facebook messages. If nothing else it will give us a record of our courtship, but it may also be interesting to affection starved females the world over. Move over MIlls & Boon, here comes the hotest love affair since one woman gave a man an apple from a serpent infested tree!

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