Saturday, 25 February 2012

Food Diary stuff again

Last night I had a spam sandwich for tea, this morning I had a slice of bread and butter. I had a bottle of J2O last night, which is cheating, but sod it, I was thirsty.
Tomorrow I will be going to Irchester Country Park to observe a RayNet event, I am considering joining, but my work rotation, 28 days on, 28 days off may get in the way. I will however spend much of the day walking round the park, even after the event it over.
I am up in Aberdeen next week, I leave on Wednesday evening and I will be back early Saturday morning. I am baby sitting on the Saturday night, and then on Sunday I will be over at the Daventry Mueseum for the Northampton Radio Club event celibrating the early years of HF Broadcasting, where hopefully I will get to operate on 10m (28MHz) for a bit.
Come along and see what it is like to be a radio amatuer.
While I am in Aberdeen I am going to ask my company if I would be allowed to take a radio system on the ship with me. Then I will operate as G1GCB/MM for marine mobile, which is a rare call sign, due to the MM bit. I expect to work a lot of people if I am allowed to do it. But, I have to first get permission from my company, then from the marine company that runs the boat, and then from the Master. Fingers crossed.

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