Tuesday, 28 February 2012


OK today I have been messing around with radios again, but I also had my gastric band appointment. It is going well, I am down a belt size and I managed to get my old short combat trousers on again, which was nice. Still got a gut at the front, but it is all heading in the right direction.
FOOD! Lunch was a sub way sandwich, BMT on honey oat bread, no cheese and all the veg except green peppers and cucumber. Wshed down with a diet pepsi and then it was off for a walk to try out the repeater in Northampton from the hand held with the little stubby antenna. Not good. The antenna on the car makes this little chinese radio sing, but the antenna they supplied is really the pits. No good, really not good. I am considering getting an antenna for the house, it would make life a lot easier, and I have permission to put one up, so...... Sadly limited by cash issues still. I still want to get that HF set from Keith, and if at all possible there is a lovely old HF all band receiver for £120 sitting over Northampton way that I have my eyes on also. One thing at a time!
Going to try and get hold of the girly on facebook chat, she is off today so we can have a natter. She was chatting to her little girl this morning, which is sweet, so I did not want to interupt.
Took mum shopping, got some more peanuts and cashews, sorted.

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