Monday, 7 May 2012

May Bank Holiday (UK)

Still on the ship, but now with a horrible cold.
Also my girl friend missed her flight from Thailand to Oman so she is not happy. She has a new flight on tuesday. I hope she catches it.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

May 2 mobilisation day

I got up at 0400 so I could drive to Immingham docks to catch my ship. I had been given a hire car to use, a citreon something, it was OK.I packed my bag, showered, cleaned my teeth and had a small bowl of cereal before driving up to Immingham.
I took the A428 to Northampton and then joined the M1 and headed North.
I then took the M18 and the M180 and following it all the way to the docks. I dropped the car off and joined the ship.
I will now be on the vessel for the next 28 days, and I do not comment or write about my work. so you will only get snippets of personal information for a while.
6th May and my girlie has her visa, she is very happy now.