Wednesday, 22 February 2012

CB Radio and issues arising

OK, I now have the CB not only wired in, not only fitted with an antenna, but also fitted into the dash board like a nornal radio would be. I have also prepared another slot for the radio I am going to buy from the guy at the radio club. I will then have all the radio channels I want. I have also ran a cable for the hand held 2m/70cm set I bought for £25 on ebay. It is not great, but it works and beggars can not be choosers.
I saw some art work from an old school buddy this morning and was stunned. I knew he had done some good work, but the detail and posing of the characters was excellent. I am surprised he is not illustrating for some publisher. Look him up, Andy Grundon. I was impressed. While you are at it, look up a really cool potter who also does some impressive stuff, Douglas Fitch, he has a web site. Even better, buy something from them both.

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