Saturday, 11 February 2012

chilly morning

Woke up this morning and found that it was -13 over night. Yes, that is right, 13 degrees below freezing. I was quite impressed.
I also checked and there are no new book sales, which is a little surprising. Anyway, not to worry.
I added several pages to the latest book yesterday and it is progressing nicely, and is still on target to be released this month.
I have also found a flat in Wellingborough that is within my price range and is not to horrible to consider. I have asked the estate agent to arrange a viewing. Fingers crossed. It is actually for less money than I would pay for a council house, sorry, got to be PC, Social Housing.
I got my radio amateur license, and I also got my old call sign back, which is nice! I have the chinese £25 dual band radio and I am now programming all the simplex VHF and UHF channels into it, and trying to get the repeater splits set up. I have been offered an HF radio for £350, but this is a bit more than I can actually afford, so I am going to offer the guy £100 a month until I have paid for it. If he goes for it, great. If not, C'est la vie.
I was horrified reading the paper this morning. The British Government is planning to send body armour, laptops and satellite phones to Syria! Why? It is nothing to do with us. The Arab League is already sorting it out. Why are we getting involved? Look at what is happening after we got involved in Lybia, missles removed from their army are now turning up in Afghanistan. Why do our dumb politicians think they know best?  I wish they would stay out of it and let the local governments sort it out themselves. We never get any thanks for it, all we get is more grief.
We have lost bus services, library services and we are cutting our defence, but we can send money abroard at the drop of a hat. We should only be giving money for humanitarian aid, not paying billions out to three nuclear powers!
Anyway, rant over...

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