Friday, 24 February 2012

Other Books etc

I am not going to write the book for the American lady, but I am going to help her write it herself. I think it would be wrong for me to write it, but I do plan to help her as much as I can, I am going to take away all the uploading and publishing so she can just concentrate on writing it.
While her politics are not aligned with mine, I do think she has a story to tell, and while I may not agree with all the things that she does, I absolutely think she should be able to tell her story. A bit of the spirit of Descartes coming out in me maybe.
Or is it just that I can see she has been messed about and I recognise that from my own life. Anyway, I will be meeting her and her husband on Sunday and will tell them everything I have learned from self publishing and explain how she can set up an account and get her book published. I will show her how to format it and convert it etc, but it will be her name on the book, as she will have written it herself. I may ask her permission to write a dramatised version as I have some really good ideas about it. But I will not do this until she has done hers.

I am still battling through getting the book done that describes how I met my lady, I decided to do it by publishing the text messages and emails we sent each other. But wow. I have over 1000 text messages to sort through, and I have not started with the emails, or the facebook messages we sent each other. This will be the biggest book I will have written to date! I am having to transcribe each text message from my phone by hand, and it is taking for ever! But, when it is done, it will be a real chick-book. I can not believe some of the soppy stuff we have said to each other, all I can say is, I must really, really love this woman deep down. It is real soul mate stuff. But that will have to wait as it is a long way off!

Now, I have had an idea for a bit of a grisley book and I have started the research on it and wow, if I thought the "Bin Laden Lives" was a hard book to research, this one is a doozy! I am looking for information on transplant surgery, if anyone knows of a book or article that takes about how a transplant recipient felt during the wait for an organ, and how they felt phyically and emotionally afterwards, please send me the details of where I can find it, as I need it for the research. I have already read loads on transplant waiting lists, statistics and descriptions of operations and post operative care, I now need to know how someone actually handles it, on a personal level. Any assistance is recieved with great thanks, and you may even get a mention as a research source on the acknowledgement page.

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