Monday, 20 February 2012

Book Review

Well, it had to happen, I have had my first book review on Amazon. It was a very good review from my view point, for although they only gave me a 3 out of 5 rating, the review was positive, which was really nice.
They also did not mention the spelling or grammar mistakes, which was even nicer!
So, if anyone else wishes to leave a review, please do so, all comments will be reviewed positiviely, even if they are negative - if you see what I mean.
I have started using my new radio, it cost £25 on ebay so it is not going to break any records. I made a call while I was in Northampton and got a signal check, and I had a brief conversation with someone in Milton Keynes. G1GCB is back on the air!
The radio club I belong too is putting up a special event call sign on the 3rd of March and running a live radio shack at the Daventry Museum. The theme is the early days of short wave broadcasting.
I will be going along, as some of the kit in the museum was still in use when I was working at the BBC. Particularly the old 1937 SWB19 transmitters, which were finally decommissioned in 1986.
Come along if you are interested.

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