Thursday, 16 February 2012

Oscilloscope, hot lead, books

I visited the local amateur radio club last night, the Northampton Radio Club at Northampton and have been offered a really nice radio that does almost everything I want a radio to do. It is £350 and right now I do not have £350, but I spoke to the man who owns it and he will wait until I do, so that is great.
I also got a lovely 20mhz 4 input oscilloscope, it is really nice, a few little problems, but nothing that would put me off. I am really quite pleased with it.
My brother was working on his sculpture today, he is adding melted lead to it, like you get on a dribbled candle. It looks really good. He is going to do me a cover for another of my books, no the one about the cats (will be uploaded in about a week), but the next one. This one has a working title, Organs in A Flat. It is about a time when you do not own your own body and when you die your body is kept on life support as the organs are taken out and used. It also has a nasty little twist where criminals can have their sentenced reduced if they donate organs. It is a bit dark, but I think people will like it.
I am now over the 300 download point, the books are moving and that is making me very happy. I am not heading for a best seller list, but I am really pleased with how they have been accepted. The one about my debt problems is still the best seller. Amazing.

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