Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sunday Night

Last night I had a cheese and onion sandwich with salad cream - Yummy.
This morning I had italian plum tomato on toast with a mushroom that I cooked in the tomato juice and then added balsamic vinegar to finish the lot off. Yummy.
I have no idea what lunch it yet.
Today I going for another Gastric Band appointment, I will let you know all about it.
The cat book is done, it is uploaded and it is priced at $4.50. I don't know why, but my books are now being priced in dollars and converted to pounds. Not that bothered, as long as people buy them, that is all that matters. Current UK price, just checked £3.09. However, from tomorrow that book will be free for two days, a promotion to get it moving.
And yes, before you ask, I have started on the next book, in fact I am in the process of writting 3 books, and I am consulting someone on a book they are writting. I did consider writting it for them, but it is about a time in their life when they were under the thumb of "The Man" and I felt it would be best coming from them. However, I do intend to meddle, or "give advice" as I call it. The only worry I have is that her true story may actually end up being more complelling that the pap I write. Oh well, at least I am having fun with it all. I will let you know how her book is coming along, no details or quotes, just enough about it to make you want to buy it when it is finished. She is the wife of one of my brothers friends and is originally from the Middle East, but holds a US passport. As you can imagine, those two statements are bound to lead to something. Anyway, I am not going to spoil her story, you will have to buy it!
Took mother shopping again this morning. I do have such an interesting life!

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