Friday, 10 February 2012

Been offshore

OK, I was offshore for a week. I am back now. I was a bit seasick for one day, but otherwise I was fine.
I have sold no more books, not one. I am a little surprised that the second book has not sold, it is way better than the first.
I have managed to get about half way through the third book, I am quite pleased with it, it is shaping up nicely. I am going to print it out and let my mum add bits to it, as it is about her cat after all. It has been a lot easier to write than I expect it to be, and that feels nice. I am definitely getting the hang of putting thoughts down on paper. My only problem is, my PC is a load of junk as I need to keep a fan on it to keep it running. I have found a little laptop that would be perfect and I am now waiting until I can afford it. It is £189 and it is near perfect.
The company have offered to buy me a laptop and to take the payments out of my salary, under normal circumstances, I would jump at this, but with my finances as they are, I am a bit reticent.
In fact, I am going to have to let the Girlfriend know that I do not think I can afford to go to philippines with her, as I am not going to get paid as much as I should have this month as I only did 7 days offshore, not the usual 28. Oops. She will not be happy.
I hate letting her down, but what can I do?
Anyway, I will try and call her using skype tomorrow. Best to tell her than send an email. It is doubly awful as I have not seen her for so long and miss her so much.
She is perfect for me, and I am just not able to get my life sorted out to take advantage of her being there for me. It is not good.
I am hoping that this year I will be able to shift a few paintings, sell a lot more books, off load all those cables of other items from the company and get myself out of debt.
Fingers crossed.

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