Thursday, 23 February 2012

Books and matters arising

I have just checked my book sales & I have sold one book in the last 72 hours. This is the weird thing, it goes in spurts. I sold 6 books in the first week after I published my first book, then 4 the following week. The third week about 30 were downloaded, and then in the 4th and 5th weeks it went mad.
Between the two books I have on offer on Amazon, I have now moved over 300 copies (not quite the new york best seller). Now, I am happy with this, it is more than I expected and I thank everyone who bought one for doing so, but it is really weird how it happens in pusles. Most sales happen on a friday, and I suppose there is no surprise in that, but the grouping is what gets me.
On the cat book, which I am days away from finishing, I am going to make use of the downloadable spreadsheet the Amazon let you use, and I am going to see what pattern emerges. I will put the results on here.
Now, Food diary (note I got the spelling right today - so no need to email!) last night I had a cheese sandwich, with a little sandwich spread. I also had 150g of peanuts in the evening.
This morning, I had sugar free pancakes - no I don't recommend them. I had two, 4 inches across. I know they were 4 inches, as my very expensive non stick cast iron pan is 4 inches across. Yes, I did flip them and they did fall back in the pan, but one of them had a crease down the middle.
I am baby sitting for my daughter tonight, tomorrow and Saturday.
Today I will be doing some online training (for my work) and then I will be getting into the cat book. I have still got to finish the last chapter.
bye for now.

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