Thursday, 12 April 2012


Still a bit stunned by the returned book, if it was either of the others I would not be surprised. Never mind, I knew it would happen sooner or later, but the cat book?
Anyway, yesterday I went over to the dig and I took my total station and other gear, I managed to shoot about 30 points and I will process them up tonight. Why tonight? Why not today?
I am finally seeing my kids today. We have found a time when we can all be together (well, I still won't have one daughter there, but I will see her tomorrow anyway) and we are going to have lunch at the Zen Garden.
So I will be busy into the afternoon. This morning I am off over to have a look at a wall my artist brother michael is building, at Doddington. He is having to put lime mortar in the courses because a builder told the farmer that is it needed. He actually told him he must have concrete in the wall! My god, where do these people get their ideas from? A dry stone wall should have nothing but stone in it! Maybe some clay, if that is how it was originally built. What makes a dry stone wall strong is its ability to settle, as it settles it gets stronger. Put concrete in it and it can not move, so stresses build up and it will collapse. Ask any stone mason (No. Not stone expert. Stone Mason, someone who has studied it for years, has gained proper qualifications and can actually work with stone. Not a builder who "does a bit of stone". A stone mason, they are very different. I have never seen a builder lay stone like a stone mason can. When you ask them to match something, they can't "it's been lost in time" is all you hear! A stone mason will repair a wall and six months later no one will know the wall has been repaired. A builder will leave a patch that matches nothing else) Rant Over.
Anyway, he is doing a wall and I want to see how it is turning out. He has had to put lime grout in the wall because someone who knows nothing about it has told the farmer he needs it. All it has done is made teh wall £200 more expensive. It will have no other effect.
I am off now to see my brothers wall, have lunch with my babies (17 and 20) and then I will process the points.
Catch you later!

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