Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday - well so far anyway

I was baby sitting again last night. I took my laptop with me so I could work on the survey tales book. I got over to my daughters, saw the kids off to bed and saw my daughter off to work.
I sat down, put the computer on the dinning room table and sat to watch a little TV before I started writting. About 2am I woke up, still in the chair. I decided that maybe I was a little tired and went to bed.
I woke up this morning and started writting before the kids got up, I managed to add a few more things to the book, about six pages before the kids got up. It is coming on nicely. I have still got a long way to go, it is about 80 pages (hard back sized) and there are still loads of things I want to put in.
It is made up of all the daft things that have happened while I have been on surveys. I am even going to put my most recent incidence, when I was chased down the street in Aberdeen by a prostitute who was trying to talk me in to taking her services. You will have to read the book for the full details - and I have included every detail. Before you ask, I got away with my modesty intact.
I checked my spare tire this morning before I drove home, I have been meaning to do this for some time. It is badly deflated, so I will have to go into the garage and get it checked. More expense! But it has to be done.

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