Monday, 30 April 2012

Back online

Monday last week my trusty laptop died, hard drive failure. This left me with out a PC to use and so I have been unable to upload my blog, so here is the update.
Monday was a day when I thought I just had a few things to do and life would be all fine and dandy. Instead what happened was I started to load up with Joomla software and suddenly the PC froze. I tried everything I knew (and after 20 seconds of trying) decided I had lost the PC and would need assistance to get it back.
One hour thirty nine minutes later my line manager called and asked for my updated CV, which had been requested a few days before to be sent in by the 30th (so I was still in good time). As my PC had died, I was unable to supply the CV.
I needed a new PC, sadly, as regular readers of this blog will know I am a bit short of cash at the moment, so no PC til I get paid next week.
Monday after noon I headed out to catch a bus to the local town, so I could catch a train to Luton. I arrived in town, and walked the half mile down to the railway. I bought my ticket at the auto ticket machine at the station and went to catch my train from platform 2.
I took the train to Bedford, where I was going to change for Luton Parkway. I did this as the train between Bedford and Luton Parkway meant I would arrive a little earlier than if I took the later direct train.
I arrived at Bedford, jumped off the train and headed for the nearest railway employee. "Where do I go for the luton train?" I asked, the man pointed and said "that one", so I ran up the stairs across the bridge and down the other side and jumped on the train believing it to be for Luton. It went to Kettering, as it was the Corby train. I felt like a right numpty.
I had a brief arguement with a man on the station at Kettering, who was overruled by his boss and I was duely put on a train to Luton as I wanted.
I felt I was still OK, I had lost about 45 minutes, but I was still going to be on time so that was fine.
I arrived at Luton Parkway with 30 minutes still to go before checkin closed.
From past experience I know that it takes on average 18 minutes to get from Luton Parkway to the Airport, so to make sure I took a taxi.
I got in the taxi and said, "take me to the airport", the taxi driver then drove around town for a few minutes and then took me too........ Luton town railway station.
Due to his poor English I could not get him to understand that he had taken me to the wrong place.
In the end I phoned the taxi company and got someone there who spoke the same language to tell the guy to take me to the airport. He also told me to only give him £6 as tht is what the fare should have been.
I arrived at the airport with 4 minutes to the end of check in. I ran to the desk, but by the time I handed over my passport the gate was closing. The girl on the desk phoned through and they had not shut the doors so I quickly stipped out all my shaving kit, shampoo etc and ran to security, cleared it in record time and then headed for the gate.
On the run to the gate we got a radio call, they had let standby passesngers on the plane and my seat was gone.
We walked sedately back to the checkin desk and they booked me on a flight to edinburgh instead.
I got to the crew house in Aberdeen at 00:53.
That as my monday.

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