Friday, 13 April 2012

Lunch with the kids

Yesterday I went to Zen Garden with the kids (or two out of three) and it was really nice. I have got to start doing this more often!
I tried to limit my intake, but I did pile on the noodles a bit, slapped hand for that.
I spent most of the remained of the day "playing radios", or indulging in my amateur radio hobby as I call it.
This morning had me rolling out of bed with an awful case of hay fever, tablets are in the car, so I will take them later.
My dad is having to go to the doctor today, he has found a lump on his chest and it not feeling well. He is 83, has leukemia, diabetes, 3 by-passes, a replacement heart valve, he is deaf, has angina, has a pace maker, bionic hip joints and the list goes on. We hope this is nothing new.

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