Saturday, 14 April 2012

Creditor - no more....

Today I paid off one of my creditors. It may not have been a very big one, but that is one more off the list. It has made me rather happy.
Yesterday I had a problem with the car. My mum (who has the ginger cat - see "My Mum's Ginger Cat" on Amazon) sent me out to buy some stuff for lunch and the car would not start. We took her car instead and when we got back I tried to get the breakdown for the car. There were a whole load of problems and I was about to cancel my car insurance and use someone else, when the car insurer did something impressive. Instead of hiding behind small print or blaming someone else, they arranged for a local garage to come out and fix the car. Needless to say, I will now be staying with this insurer. I am impressed with their customer service. The company is Ecar. I had heard a few poor reports about them before I bought a policy from them, but still used them as my daughter uses them, she has used them for a few years and had no problems even when she has claimed. As I said, I am impressed, there was no attempt to brush me off (unlike a certain airline I could name), there was a problem, and then there was a solution. Customer Service at its best. I will be writing to them to say well done. It is nice not to moan for a change! I must do this more often.
I was baby sitting for my daughter last night, so after the garage started my car (and told me to buy a new battery after using a frankenstien battery tester on my battery), I drove over to my daughter and watched the babies over night. My other daughter wanted to know why jump starting my car using my mum's car did not work. The verdict of the mechanic? "Your leads are sh*t", at least he was honest!
So, this morning when I got in the car it did not start again and my eldest daughter had to jump start the car from her battery. Her leads are really solid and it started first time.
I took the car to my favorite garage (Yardley) and they put a new battery on and fitted a battery retention clip all for a little over £56. Again, no moan, good service. I always recommend good companies! I like companies that I don't moan about!
I went over to the archeological dig, made plans for the summer and came home.
On my way home I drew out £200 and visited one of creditors and made his final payment. It felt good.
Tomorrow I am off to a radio rally at Foxton in Cambridgeshire, I am not really looking to buy anything, maybe an HF antenna if I can get one for less than £20 - £30, but I just want to see what is on offer really. Plus it is a day out and I have not been to a radio rally since I worked at the BBC!

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