Wednesday, 11 April 2012

digging in the dirt

OK, I am off to the dig now, my total station has been on charge all night and I have 12 record sheets. I will be sleeping in the car, sorry, correction. I will be trying to sleep in the car!
I am taking the total station three tripods, two prisms, a prism pole and anything else I think of while I am packing my bag.

I can remember, and I a bit pushed for time so I won't check, but did I mention that as well as my PC now having a case of hot flushed (and randomly shutting down), my trusty old HP3420 has finally died. I bought it in 2003 and it has just up and died with no real warning. Nothing lasts these days does it?

So I now have a nice shiny Cannon PIXMA MP250 printer, scanner, copier. It cost £12, from an Argos Outlet store online, I bought some low cost printer cartridges for it, and they are refilled ones. First time out, they leaked and and are now showing as "empty/in need of cleaning". I have bought some new ones from Cannon and I was quite surprised, including postage, they are £8 cheaper than the ones I used to buy for my old HP.

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