Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday April 22 2012

Got up this morning, kids were already awake and playing a somewhat violent video game. I made them garlic bread, as I had promised to do so yesterday and waited for my daughter to come home.
When I arrived over at my daughters last night I had to repair a seam in her work trousers and a zip, unfortunately I had only brought enough thread to fix the hole, as I did not know about the zip.
It took me a while to do both, as I was trying to do them using the minimum of thread (as I had not brought enought). She left for work with her modesty intact and and all seams secure. She came home this morning and the seams and zip were working themselves loose again.
Tomorrow I am off to Aberdeen for three courses, when I am back (saturday), I will be baby sitting again, so I will bring some better quality thread and do the job properly.
This afternoon I went to the gym again, I did a couple of hours and I am not stiff at all today. I must admit I mainly worked on the cross trainers with only a few stations on the weights, but I still did a full set, with more than the minimum weight and more than the minimum reps.
I was going to go for a swim as well, but it was kiddie swimmming so I couldn't.
I have got my bag ready for Aberdeen, I just have to take mum shopping tomorrow and then to her retinal eye exam and then it is off to the airport.
Catch you later.

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