Friday, 20 April 2012

Thursday and Friday

Baby sat last night, nothing special to report, it was quiet, so maybe that is important. The little one woke up about 5 times in the night, each time his duvet had come off, so I replaced it, gave the regulation cuddle and retired back to my cave. SO I did not get an especially good nights sleep last night.
My eldest daughter has a tear in her trousers, so tonight I am going to practise my seamstress skills and fix it, I can't believe no one has ever showed her how to sew.  Oh well, Pappy to the rescue. My younger daughter was shown all this by my mum, but she is not available to assist at the moment. She is not that well at the moment, I hope it is a passing thing. I think they are all great, and I wish I got to see them all more. Especially Stuart, my son. He is rather independent, so I don't get to see much of him. I am going to try and entice him on a camping holiday in the summer and see if I can not spark off an interest in ham radio in him. That would get us seeing more of each other.
I was supposed to go in on Tuesday for my gastric band, however, I have pile of courses to do. I did not have them last week, but I have them now. It is my own fault, I told my line manager I would do any courses he sent me on, and he is always true to his word!
That is one of the good things about the company I work for, they see training as very important and that is great as although I have been doing the job since the last century, I had no paper work, no certificates to show I could do it. Now, thanks to my employer, I do.
I had my retinal eye screening today, for my diabetes, I have it every year. I go in, they put drops in my eyes, I wait 15 minutes, they take photos of my eyes. Done. Then I walk outside and the world is so bright! The drops dilate the pupils and make you look like you have been doing hard drugs - we will come on to that. My mum brought my dad into the hospital for the same thing, but her car clonked out and we had to call the RAC. It was just a brief cough by the solenoid and it is all OK now.
I went to the gym and did an hour, my shoulders are on fire, but that will get better as time goes by. I was questioned by the fitness instructor and asked if I had taken anything - he had seen my eyes. I explained that I had just been to the hospital for my retinal screening and showed him the letter. We had a little laugh about it, and he told me a couple of stories I can not repeat. Sorry.
Played radios this after noon again, this time I used the CB not the Ham kit. I had a bit of a laugh with it. I can get about 30 miles which I think is quite good. I also mapped out the repeater ranges using the handheld. If I have line of sight I can get a good 10km with the hand held, I am going to see just how far I can go. I did some calculations based on "best guess" conditions (power of repeater, gain of antenna, length of antenna cable, loss in cable and connectors etc etc) and I should be able to access Northampton GB3NH from about 35km away. I am going to see how well the real world matches the results of a spreadsheet.
I have written another book, but I do not think I will upload it. It is about a terrorist attack on the Olympics, it features four specific attacks and details how they were carried out. In the book they are only partially successfully and our hero (an off duty soldier) manages to inspire the public to defeat the forces of evil while an incompetent, PC ridden and Health and Safety obsessed Police Force fluffs the defence of London. I think it could be seen as a "blue print for a terrorist attack". I am considering deleting it as it may be a step too far.

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