Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years Day

New year went off OK.
I did get a little anoyed yesteday. I used to work for a guy in Dubai who paid me very poorly. Now, there was some justification to this, a company I owned owed him money and I agreed to work for him to pay it off.
However, I worked for 10 months for a weaselly amount, and was told that none of the money had been deducted from what I owed.
So, I had worked for £1000 a month, in the UAE and no money was taken from my debt. So I left the company and came back to the UK, with a total of £157 in my pocket, had to pay £57.50 train ticket to get back to from Heathrow, then pay £10 for a taxi to get home.
And I still owed him all the money I ever did.
I then offered to return assets of a similar value to the money I owed, which was accepted. But when I handed them over, his accountant would not sign to say the debt was cleared. After a full and frank discussion, he agreed to the terms.
Then this guy tries to pal up to my girlfriend (who left her job to go and work for him, only to have the job offer withdrawn, leaving her unemployed) to contact me.
Now, in final violation, he has visited my home in the UK and left a note for me to contact him!
I am only glad that I was not here at home when he called. I would hate to have had to spend christmas in a police cell.
Unbelievable! Totally unbelievable.

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