Monday, 2 January 2012


This whole book thing started about three or four months ago, I wanted to do an ebook on a piece of art for my brother. But now that I have spent a while writing my "test book", I am actually finding  I am enjoying it.
I will have finished the book in about a week, and then I am going to up load it for the kindle. I was going to release it for several others, but decided to just release it for Kindle and if someone wants to download it & covert it to another format that is fine.
Whilst I know I am biased, I am a lot happier about releasing the book than I thought I would be, mainly because I am very pleased at how it reads. Yes, I know, I wrote it, so of course I will like it.
I am going to stick it on Amazon for £0.75p, if any one buys it, that is a plus!

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