Saturday, 14 January 2012

HSE Forum and car

I was not blogging over the last couple of days as I was in Aberdeen on a HSE Forum, which I found quite interesting.
However, this is about my life and not my job, so the car!
I arrived back at the train station from my flight (Aberdeen to Luton) and the temp according to the sensor in the car was -3.5 degrees C.
As I mentioned in my previous post, the car back seat, front passenger seat, and to a lesser extent, the drivers seat had all just been steam cleaned. Meaning, they were all still wet. This had caused major condensation on all the windows, which in turn meant that the windows were frozen outside and in.
It took ages for the screens to all clear.
I got the car home and this morning I went over all the oxidised paintwork with T cut and then gave it a polish and the car looks really good.
There are still lots of scratches, but I am going to get some compound and polish them early next week, if my eldest can find a replacement rear window wiper arm and a cover for the drivers door mirror, the car will be back in really good condition in the very near future.

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