Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year's Eve

I will be spending my new years eve at the local pub, the red lion. I have a couple of freinds going up there & I am going to go with them & have a beer or two.
I will shortly be taking the bus into Wellingborough where I intend to buy some swimming trunks & then I am going to see what the new pool is like. I was going to do this the other day, but a lot of small things got in the way, as usual.
My girl friend is spending new year working in Oman. Poor girl.
My kids are mainly going to be spending theirs with their mum over in MIlton Keynes, except for the eldest who will be spending it with her kids in Wolverton.
Next year I intend this to be very different.
A year ago I was in a hopeless state, I was in the middle east & could not afford to pay for my diabetes medication as I was not earning enough to do things like eat, pay debts & buy medcine.
Hence one of the main reasons I left that complete hell hole.
This year I am a lot better off. My debt has stopped growing, I am now in point of fact paying all my creditors now, and paying them decent sums of money. I have paid two small creditors off completely, and will pay a third off shortly. I have done a budget planner with the Consumer Credit Councilling Service (it did not include some of the smaller creditors as I knew I could pay them off quite quickly), and now all of my major creditors are on board with regular, and most importantly, affordable repayments.
My target was to get all debt paid off in 5 years. In actual fact, I am looking at most beng paid off in 2 1/2 years. But this allows me to reduce some payments if I get into difficulty. Whilst I want to be debt free, I also want to be able to buy the odd luxury item (cream cake, MP3 player etc).
Before anyone in the family buys me an MP3 player - I have one, it is old, but it works & I know how to use it, so no need to buy one, OK?
I have also got an e-reader, the cheapest on the market, but it does what I want it to & it has loads of free books on it & I am working my way through them.
Christmas is a wonder thing!
I was a bit of a cheapskate this Christmas, but then I did not have a lot of money to spare. I have saved the money I have got & use it for car hire to see the kids. It is only £30 a day and it is worth every penny.
My eldest daughter understands my predicament, but my 19year old is a little less understanding & seems to think I don't care about her so much any more. She is wrong. Her & her brother are terribly important to me & this year I am going to do every thing I can to make them realise that.
I now have a job, I now have my debt under control, now I can move forward.
Happy New Year.

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