Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Book sales and new book

Well, it is Tuesday, so I must have sold another book! Yes, that is right, I have now sold a total of 8 copies of my first book on Amazon.

I must admit I am really very proud of this, 8 people have found the free sample on amazon interesting enough to part with some cash. That is brilliant.
I had a friend re proof read the original and he found a few mistakes that had been missed. A few, OK, quite a few. So I am re writting it as a second edition. This will of course take a back seat to the finishing of the second book, which I am on the final straight to complete. I am suffering from "magic editiing sword syndrome" at the moment. I have cut pages out that I suddenly did not like. It will now be a short story, so I am looking at charging about £2.50 a copy for this one.
I will, of course, put a free sample on the amazon web site again, and I think that anyone who reads the sample will buy the book. While it is not long, it does offer an alternative outcome to a well known story.
I am off to write a new page. I have promised my mother I will add a page a day in the closing days of the final edit of the book.

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