Friday, 30 December 2011


After a long period of unemployment (including 10 months in Dubai where I received a salary that averaged out at less than the UK minimum wage!), I logged into skype to reacrivate my account.
Even though I started work again back in June/July, I am still ultra short of cash, so I look on skype as a way of making long distance calls on a shoe string (cheaply), so I only put £20 on the account, actually £23 when you include the pointless VAT charge.
I logged in this evening to call my girlfriend who is working in Oman & found my account had almost no funds remaining!
The reason was they had reactivated a set of subscriptions I had forgot I had. So, I have a reactivated skype account, but no funds to use it with.
I have sent a help request to them to see if they will pay the money back, but I do not hold out much hope of this.
I will let you know

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