Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Newbie Warning

Hi, I have just started this & this is my very first post.
Today I started to write a book, not for publication, but to try it out.
My brother is an artist, he paints pictures & they are brillient. I also paint, but I am not so great.
He is currently at University in Northampton & is creating some really quite brilliant pieces.
So, I am going to write a book about one of his pieces, specifically the creation of the piece and decided that before I ruin his career by writing a bum book, I would write one for myself.
He recently did a piece called boundaries and space. It was a hand carved stone ball on a stone plinth with a dry stone wall built around it. Search for it, it is brilliant.
He wants someone to commission the full size piece some where, but as he is unknown at the moment, this is just not going to happen. So, I thought if I write a book about his next piece & distribute it as an ebook, his name may just get about a bit and someone might want the full size boundaries and space piece in a garden.
If anyone has any useful comments on how to do the book, drop me a line.

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