Friday, 30 December 2011

Car hire to see kids

OK, I have arranged car hire so I can see the kids. £35 a day including damage insurance.
I am now set. As well as being to fat, I also suffer from diabetes and asthma, but someone still gave me one of those italian cakes, the really, really sugary ones!
So I am going to give it to the kids, they are not fat (thank the gods for that!), so they will be OK eating it. I am also going to give them the £50 John Lewis voucher I was given as a christmas present from my employer. It was a nice touch that they did not have to do. See, nice things do happen.
I have confirmed my appointment with my hyponotherapist on the 3rd, 1230. Wish me luck with this, I really need to lose the weight & I really need to overcome the sea sickness.
To add to the stress, I am also having my blood tests for my diabetes on the same day.
I may have mentioned that I am broke before. Well, T'is true. I did not work properly for about two years, as a result my bank piled on the debt & what was a manageable debt ended up as a nightmare with interest rates of 22.63% being applied, along with £35 being charged for each returned items & £5 a day being charged for being overdrawn.
They really know how to kick someone when they are down!
Well, hopefully I have managed to get my final creditor onto a payment plan. If that is what has happened I will be a very happy man. Clearing the debts is the only way forward, their dumb demands for full payment, even though I have told them repeatedly I do not have the money were stressing me out.
I even tried to explain to them that even if they take me to court, they will not get the full payment, but I am now in a position to make the original minimum payments that they were previously asking for. I wasn't before, as I did not have a job, I have a job now. Why are financial people so dumb?
They pile debt on you in the form of charges when you are in difficulty & then threaten you when you can not pay the now grossly elevated debt.
Stay away from debt, that is my advice.
I am working to become debt free & I will do every thing I can to stay that way.

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