Friday, 30 December 2011

Book Upate

I have just re read my "test book" on my e-reader, as a PDF, I am actually quite pleased with it. It is not great, but I will now definitely be putting this online!
OK, my test book is now a "self help" book, it describes how my business went down. I have mainly concentrated in what I believe I did wrong, and not so much on the fact that three of my best customers disappeared from the scene.
The business ran well initially, I even managed to pay myself £30k for a few years. But that failure was built into the design of the company. I allowed my customers credit, initially I gave them all 30 day credit (which in the early days was fine as I was making the money). But then when they started to stretch that to 60 & in some cases 120 days, the cash flow was destroyed. Which killed the company.
So, the book could be summed up as, business need cash flow, make sure you get paid in advance!
There, that has killed it as commercial success...!
Just a joke. No, I will upload it once I have finished it, probably as one of those £0.75 books you see of Kindle. Once it is uploaded, I will let you know.

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