Friday, 30 December 2011


I am trying to book a hire car so I can go and see my children, this is usually quite straight forward for most people, but I try and get the best car for the cheapest price etc etc and I tend to get bogged down.
I have not had a car since I sold mine the summer before last to try & clear off some money I owed the bank. It has been really hard not having a car, but it has saved me a fortune.
Before we had Tony Bliar in charge, we used to have a great bus service that meant I could even get to london on the bus. Now we only have a daily services (no buses on sunday or holidays) to the local town. Aren't socialists wonderful!
Pre 2005, I could have taken a bus from the village to Milton Keynes. Now, I have to take a bus from the village, travel to wellingborough. Take another bus from Wellingborough to Northampton. Take a bus from Northampton to Milton Keynes. Ridiculous.
I have just got broadband at home again. At last I can use skype again! Now I can start making cheap international calls again.
I have done some more work on the test book. I am actually quite pleased with it & may put it up as an ebook. I don't suppose anyone will read it, but what the hell!
I now have nearly all my creditors on payment plans, only one is causing a problem & I hope to have that resolved this month. Now that I am working again, I will be able to finally pay off some of the debt that built up. I now owe about £26000, which to some people may not sound a lot, to me it sounds like a prison sentence! When I was not working and was not able to get my jobseekers allowance (due to petty officials in the Jobcentre Plus making life harder for me), the debt more than doubled!
I had a 22.63% interest rate (bank base rate is 0.5%), plus I was charged £35 for any returned payments, and seemed to get random charges of between £100 & £220 added to my account, plus £5 a day for being overdrawn, all when I had no income! As I could not find a job or get jobseekers allowance, I could not stop the interest by using someone like the  Consumer Credit Councilling Service. Once I finally managed to get jobseekers allowance (after months of being battered by the bank), I was able to stop the debt growing.
Now I can finally start bring it down! Happy.
I will never borrow or go overdrawn again. You can not rely on your job being there any more, so I just will not take the risk with borrowing now.
If you even get in debt, use the consumer credit councilling serivice, and use it as early as you can.
They work.
And they cost you nothing.
Well, I am off to go into town after lunch, I am going to buy a pair of swimming trunks & go swimming.
On the 3rd I am going to have two sets of hypnotic therapy. One is a hypnotic gastrict band, the second is treatment for sea sickness. Wish me luck with these.
I work as an surveyor on a ship in the north sea now. But my sea sickness has been a real issue.
I have worked offshore for years, but usually in either the middle east or africa. I am now working in the north sea, very different.
OK, that is enough for today. More tomorrow.

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