Sunday, 29 July 2012

Still on the high seas - well the Blatic anyway

Still no serious news. I am still offshore and I will be for the next three weeks. I have now got the 5th book uploaded, it is called sad to be a zombie. It is an attempt to write a book about zombies where they are the victims. I am not totally happy with it, it was my first attempt at a totally made up story and I am not sure I put it across very well.
I also got my first negative review! It was for "down but not out", which is a book about my failure in business. The reviewer kindly called me, and I quote; "a sad pathetic loser" and his final statement was "who wants to read a book about failure anyway", well, obviously he did, as he paid for it. He also complained about my spell and suggested I either bought a dictionary or a newer copy of word. He also made a simple spelling error himself, writing "out" instead of "put", which I felt sort of weakened his position. However, he was brave enough to use a nickname rather than his real name, so I suppose that evened it out.
Oh, and just so you know, the book he bought and complained about with such vitriol cost him £0.77p. I full understand his displeasure, as 77p is such a huge amount.
Catch you all again later....

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