Monday, 2 July 2012

New Books - under construction....

I am still working on the original book, about my brothers sculpture, and this will eventually be published.
But, (and I only start sentences with "but" to annoy people) I have two more books that have sprung into my head.
1. A zombie book. A new take on the zombie genre, with sympathy for the zombies. I have written about a quarter of the book and I think it is great. A bit slow to start, but that is on purpose, I want a bit of humdrum before the action starts. But you will love the twist at the end. The outline is complete, I am about a quarter through it, so it should be out in a couple of months.
2. Survey Tales, still a working title. It is about all the daft and weird things that have happened to me on surveys. It is shaping up well, I have used a lot more dialogue in this one. I tried dialogue in the original bin laden book, but felt it ruined that story so I took it out. Bin laden was originally 300 pages long, I cut it down heavily and turned it into a short story and I think it worked better due to that. Survey Tales needs the dialogue to explain some of the silly things that happened.
I have stopped writing one book. I called it "Death at the Games" and it was a terrorist drama set at the summer games in London. I have not finished it as I felt that what I had written was a road map for a serious terrorist attack. I have identified where three attacks could be made on aircraft at airports and written an attack on the underground, complete with a feasible escape plan to allow my protagonists to get out and perform more attacks. I will now finish it and publish it only after the games are over. Better safe than sorry.

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