Monday, 2 July 2012

Radio Shack

Since my last blog quite a lot has happened and I will attempt to bring you up to date with this and the following blogs.
Sorry for the break but as you can guess I have been distracted.
My father cleared out his winter potatoes from the shed, allowing me to establish what we call the "East Wing", which is just a garden shed where I set my computer up and write. During the winter months I normally use one of the bedrooms but spring, summer and autumn I use the "East Wing".
This year the east wing has taken on a new role. In addition to the writing, it now also doubles as my amateur radio shack. I have been into Ham radio since I was a teenager, but could never afford to get onto the HF bands. Now I have every HF band, 50Mhz, 2m and 70cms all in once shack. I am short on antennas, but as time goes on this will improve. I won't be able to set up the antennas at home, as I will simply not allowed to put them up, but I belong to the Northampton Radio Club and they have a field I can use, that is where I will put my antennas. It is a bit of a drive out, but it will not bring down the wrath of the family on my head for turning the house and garden into an antenna field.
My call sign in G1GCB and I often monitor the Northampton Repeater GB3NH, give me a call sometime.

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