Thursday, 5 July 2012

My fathers Funeral

Yesterday was my fathers funeral. It went well. We held it at the Crematorium in Kettering, followed by a wake held at the Red Lion in Bozeat. He was cremated and on Saturday we will be scattering his ashes at a local farm. The ceremony is for Family and close friends only. We requested no flowers for the funeral, as he was not into flowers and Mum thought they would be a waste. Instead we asked for donations to Leukaemia CARE, we will have to wait to hear how much was paid into the Funeral Directors, and how much they collected at the Crematorium, but at the wake we raised £108.96 which we are sending to Leukaemia Care in a cheque. We actually made it up to £110 to keep the figures simple.
We had a non religious service, as my Dad was not a religious person, I gave a speech which was made up of what my brothers and sister remembered of my Dad. My nephew Bradley spoke for the Grandchildren and my niece Kelly spoke on behalf of the great grand children.
He will be sadly missed.
He was not the greatest man ever to live, but he was my father and through his children leaves a legacy that will live on. We will all remember his actions and behaviour and will smile when we do so. There was only one Les Skeats.

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