Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tuesday bag packing

I am off on the ship from tomorrow, it will be in Clipper Quay in Aberdeen from 0800 onwards and will sail probably mid day.
My girlfriend has just a job offer from the Crowne Plaza hotel in Muscat, the offer is not bad, it could be better, but it will allow her to support her kids. As I am now on the housing list (at last) I am now in the queue for a house, I am down in Band D, but at least I am on the list. As soon as I get a house it will be time to start putting money away so that I can afford to do the fiancee visa and get Abel over here. Even on minimum wage she will earn more after tax than she is getting in Oman, and with her abilities it will not be long before she rises in any company.
I am still worried about how well I did on the course last week, I am just hoping and praying that I got the 70% pass mark, it was not an easy course, not for me, it was a very steep learning curve as my knowledge of accoustic positioning was sadly lacking to start with.
I have begun another book, and this one is an easy one to write as it requires very little in the way of research, it is fiction again, not as dark as my "Organs" book, but it covers a lot of the daft stuff that has happened on surveys over the years, no specifics (put away the super injunctions - no names!!!!), just the silly stuff.
Just about finished the packing, I am now waiting for the hire car to arrive so I can be ready. I am planning an afternoon out, probably playing with my radios again.
Last night I had a chicken wrap, I wanted a subway, but could not be bothered to drive out and find one!
I am off to the doctors in a few minutes to pick up my medicines. Catch you later

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