Sunday, 4 March 2012

Girl Friend and Baby Sitting

Last night I was baby sitting for my eldest over in Milton Keynes, she went to work at about 2200 and came back at 1100, that was one hell of a long night for her. She is looking for a new job, one where she can work less hours, for three days a week and earn a bit more money. She is putting herself through university, so she can only do three days a week, my son helps out with some of the baby sitting, but he needs time to study, so when I am back I do what I can as well.
I am proud of her and hopes she finds something soon.
My girlfriend has had a bad back for the last few days, she has pain killers but they are not really helping that much. I hope I can raise some money in the not to distant future and get her over here so that she is not wearing herself out in the Middle East. She works really hard and is paid peanuts, for what she does she should be paid three or four times what she gets. Unfortunately while I am mired in debt, I can not help her out.

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