Friday, 2 March 2012


OK, I have finished the course and I really do know more about the operation of USBL systems, and calibration in particular. I will have to wait a few days to find out if I passed the exam, so fingers crossed.
Breakfast on wednesday was cheerios with a banana, lunch was a BLT sandwich at sub way and evening meal was a bacon sandwich on EasyJet with a diet coke. No peanuts, I forgot them.
Thursday breakfast was a variety of instant porridge that had been left by someone in the crew house. It was dire, awful. I will have proper porridge next time! Lunch was sandwiches from Fugro. Evening meal was spicy chicken noodles with my classmates.
Today, Friday, I had bran flakes, well I was not having the dust in a box again! It was actually better than the instant porridge, but you know what, I think I missed the point with the porridge, I think it is meant to taste like porridge for an instant, and I just missed the instant when it did!
Lunch was fugro sandwiches again, and a diet Irn Brew, odd drink, OK, but odd.
Tonight I am going to have a wrap before I fly.
Tomorrow I will be at Daventry Museum for the amateur radio thing, come along, you may find it interesting.

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