Sunday, 4 March 2012

Books to date

Yesterday I was at the Daventry museum where I went to attend a special event amatuer radio station with the call sign GB5XX which was being put on to coincide with a special early days of short wave broadcasting event being run by the museum. Daventry was the first proper short wave broadcast station and I used to workt there.
While I was there I met some old collegues which was really nice, these included Trevor Gandine, Iain McGregor, Phil Richmond, Dave Adams, Dave Dymott and Mike Littlewood. Sorry if I have spelt anyones name wrong, but I am dislexic (if that is how you spell it!). Also sorry if I have missed anyone out, put your name in a comment if I have missed you!
It was great to see all the old kit again, even if I did initially mis identify some of it! It was 20 years ago.
I really enjoyed myself, I also got round to giving the kind man who is offering me some brilliant radio kit a down payment. I am sure he would prefer if I gave him all the money at once, but as regular readers will note, I am somewhat broke at the moment. But, I am paying off my debts and they will be all gone in a couple of years.
I have had a total of 780 books dowloaded so far. I am happy.

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