Friday, 28 August 2015

A bit of back ground

While I was away from this blog, a few things happened in my life.
First I started working at the Fugro Survey Ltd in Aberdeen in the office on 17th December 2012 as the Operations Supervisor. In June 2015 I was made redundant. I am now looking for work, so if you have anything in Aberdeenshire offering £50k, let me know.
Second, I stopped dating my old Girlfriend in December 2013. It was not working, I had not seen her for three years and I was not seeing a future where we were together.
On 1st January 2015 I started dating a new lady and we are now engaged. I have known her for a few years and she is great as I can just sit and talk to her and she does not find me very geeky. The has three degrees, one in physics, one in GIS and the last in Surveying, so that might explain it. She is German and has lived in the UK for the last 12 years and is 15 years my junior.
I have also changed car a few times, when I was last on here I had the Astra. Well she died and has been recycled. I then had a Ford Ka, which was tiny and I got rid of that and got a Saab 93 2 ltr Turbo with heated leather seats, oh and it was a convertible. I was then made redundant so I swapped it for a Renult Kangoo, which I am already filling with radios.

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